Our Mission

Our main goal managing a condominium community is to help the Board of Directors save money, increase reserves and maintain a high-level of quality service and satisfaction for all members of the Association.

Our main goals in managing a condominium HOA are:

Save money and increase reserves

  • On a daily basis, we monitor and manage account balances and payments to maximize interest income.
  • Weekly or monthly reports: payments, deposits, account balances, invoice aging.
  • Full ledger financial reports, customized to your community’s specific needs.
  • Money market accounts, treasury bills or certificates of deposit for reserve balances.
  • Homeowner billing statements are mailed AND emailed every month to every homeowner.
  • We continually develop systems to accommodate the changing needs of the community.

Maintain a high level of service and satisfaction for all the members of the Community

  • 24/7 coverage assistance with the development of physical maintenance standards and budgets.
  • Ensuring reliable, top-quality subcontractors through screening based on service history, ability to furnish necessary materials and equipment, and through demonstrated experience.
  • Complete contract negotiations to specify performance monitoring, recourse provisions, payments schedules and when, where and how services are performed.
  • Monthly inspection of the building.
  • Prepare violation notices, organize hearings, reduce delinquencies.
  • Attend as many Board Meetings per year as requested.

Help the Community live in a harmonious and peaceful enjoyment of their home and prepare its future

  • LB Condo Management will help the Board of Directors prepare the budget and set goals for what is desired and anticipated future needs.
  • We provide support and expertise every step of the way.
  • Independent review of major reserve categories and fund allocation, followed by proposals for corrective measures for deficiencies or excesses.
  • Selecting and scheduling different programs of upgrading and enhancements for your building.
  • Long-term planning to accommodate goals, ranging from maintaining status quo to more elaborate improvement plans.
  • Providing for maximum yields on community investment funds.
  • Bids and negotiations: obtain all bids, hire licensed service contractors, and negotiate all contracts and monthly inspections.