Financial Management Services

MoneyEffective financial management is the foundation of a strong community.

The basics of association management include billing and collections, but there is nothing basic about how CondoServices supports the financial health of your community. On a daily basis we monitor and manage your account balances and payments to maximize interest income.

Our financial services encompass:

  • Full general ledger financial reports, customized to your community’s specific needs.
  • Money market accounts, treasury bills or certificates of deposit for reserve balances.
  • Direct on-line access provides continual just-in-time information on payments, deposits, account balances, invoice aging, balance sheet, actual vs. budget, etc.
  • Homeowner billing statements to help facilitate collection of miscellaneous charges and detect unreported changes in property ownership.
  • Installment plans, Collection, liens, Small Claim Court or Superior Court, receiver to collect the rent.

We follow the adopted collection policy for the Association and contact delinquent homeowners as prescribed. Additionally, when approved Management will proceed to Small Claims Court to secure a money judgment against a homeowner to protect the Association’s interest. We also follow up carefully on installment plans agreed to by the Board of Directors with delinquent homeowners.