Property Maintenance Services


Our approach to property maintenance includes

  • 24/7 coverage assistance with the development of physical maintenance standards and budgets.
  • Ensuring reliable, top-quality licensed subcontractors with thorough screening based on service history, ability to furnish necessary materials and equipment, and demonstrated experience.
  • Complete contract negotiations to specify performance monitoring, recourse provisions, payment schedules and when, where and how services are performed.
  • Inspection of your building.
  • Attend 4 Meetings a year, organized during weekdays.

Before each meeting, we provide a packet of documents including: Agenda, Minutes of previous meeting, site review with list of violations, to be approved by the Board, “to do list”, to check what was done during the period of reference, financial statements, correspondences, bids, legal information…. The packet could be delivered by email and/or by mail a few days before the meeting.